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HD DVD outsells Blu-ray in the UK
HD DVD v Blu-ray

In what many industry insiders believe is a direct result of Blu-ray not having a games console to play its discs, the format is being outsold in the UK by HD DVD.

The official UK charts company indicates that with the support of the Xbox 360 (which can play the HD DVD high definition format discs with an optional drive) HD DVD outsold Blu-ray by a factor of about 4 to 1 in the period leading up to Christmas of last year.

Blu-ray was launched a month earlier than HD DVD in October 2006 and struggled with a paltry 148 discs sold in that month.

November figures were better at 492 and a more impressive 1,194 discs were sold in December 2006.

Meanwhile despite the arrival of HD DVD players a month later than Blu-ray, but bolstered by the availability of Microsoft's Xbox 360, 673 discs were sold in November and a much healthier 7,527 in December.

In total, from launch to the end of 2006, Blu-ray sold 1,834 discs while HD DVD sold 8,200.


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