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Average TV size in the UK rises dramatically

The average size of TV's in the UK has risen by over 10in in the past decade. At between 32in and 37in, the average size of a TV in the UK has risen dramatically from a figure of around 21in a decade ago.

The increase is set to continue, with the electronics manufacturer Sharp predicting that by 2015 average TV size will have risen to 60in.

Manufacturers such as Sharp and in particular Sony, are pouring resources into large 40in + LCD TV development in anticipation of the increased consumer demand for larger screens.

One of the reasons for the dramatic increase in average TV sizes is the reduced space (in terms of volume) of newer flat panel LCD and Plasma TV's. Consumers were previously unwilling to break the 32in threshold in large numbers because of the massive depth of larger CRT units and their demands on floor space. In comparison, a wall hung flat screen need hardly encroach on living space at all.

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