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JVC Freeview+ LCD TV's

JVC have introduced two new LCD TV's with built-in Freeview+ recording capability. The LT-26DE9 and LT-32DE9 feature a 160GB HDD and the ability to record two channels simultaneously.

Freeview+ offers a number of additional features including; 'Series Link' (one timer to record a whole series), the ability to record split programmes as one programme, Offer to record related programmes, Record alternative showing if there is a time conflict, Schedule changes updated in standby (e.g. scheduled recording starting early), Accurate recording (programmes are recorded based on signals from the broadcaster rather than scheduled time).

Neither of the two new panels from JVC offer a Full HD resolution but they do feature JVC's acclaimed DynaPix Plus picture processing technology, backlight adjustment and noise reduction functions.

Early indications are that both TV's perform well in all areas with exceptionally good recordings in Standard as well as High Definition. Picture performance is remarkably sharp in HD even on the 26in screen and SD pictures are also excellent, suffering only from a small amount of motion blur with fast on screen action and a rather lacklustre black level performance.

Both screens look like they will make excellent TV's for that second room.

JVC LT-32DE9