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Six million people in the UK miss out on HD TV
Friday, 09 April 2010 10:45 UK

According to the British Video Association (BVA) almost half of those who have invested in High Definition (HD) TVs mistakenly believe that they are watching HD programmes.

The research polling 9,500 viewers discovered that 30% of those interviewed were unaware that they needed to take out an HD subscription with one of the providers or invest in a Blu-ray player (High Definition DVD) before they could realize the full benefits of their HD TV.

With more than 55% of UK households having invested in High Definition TVs, the number who are not making full use of the technology runs into millions. The mistake people are making is that they assume that an 'HD Ready' TV automatically displays programmes in the enhanced format, which is not the case.

To watch material on your 'HD Ready' TV in High Definition, you need to take out an HD subscription with Sky or Virgin who will provide you with an additional piece of equipment known as a set-top box. Alternately you can buy set-top boxes which provide access to the subscription free HD providers 'Freesat' or 'Freeview'.

Sky currently have the largest choice of HD channels (41) followed by Virgin (12), with Freeview and Freesat offering 3 HD channels.

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