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Sony 3D HX803 LCD TV available in the UK this June
Saturday, 17 April 2010 11:15 UK
Sony HX803

Pre orders are being taken for Sony's HX803 LCD TV which the Japanese electronics giant describes as an affordable introduction to 3D viewing in the home.

Alongside their 3D range of LCD TVs, Sony will also launch a range of 3D capable Blu-ray players. Owners of the Sony PS3 games console will also get 3D via a firmware update, but not until the latter part of 2010.

The 40in and 46in HX803 will be available in the UK this June. Although Sony are not releasing price details just yet, they stated that: "the HX803 series 3D TV will offer 3D cinematic capability with outstanding consumer value and will set the benchmark for stylish, technically advanced yet affordable 3D compatible TVs"

All of the manufacturers planning a 3D TV release this year have been careful to make them attractive enough without the 3D factor; hence the HX803 amongst other things, also gets 200Hz processing, LED backlighting and built-in Freeview HD.

Interestingly, and partly perhaps? that 3D material will be rather thin on the ground this year, the HX803 also does a 'Pseudo' 2D to 3D conversion to give viewers an immediate taste of what they can expect from the new technology.

The HX803's implementation of 3D technology requires the use of 'Active Shutter' glasses. Sony will bundle two pairs of these glasses with the HX803 along with 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' and the documentary 'Deep Sea', both in 3D.

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