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Panasonic LED LCD TVs go large
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 16:35 UK
Panasonic WT50 TV

Having previously differenciated their LCD and Plasma TV lines by virtue of size; Panasonic have annouced that they will be producing larger screen LED TVs for the first time.

Up until now, if you wanted a 42in or larger TV made by Panasonic, your only choice was Plasma. With the introduction of five 47in and three 55in LED TVs, fans of the brand who want a larger non Plasma alternative will now have that option.

Panasonic will soon be producing the range topping TX-L47WT50, along with TX-L47DT50, TX-L47ET50, TX-L47ET5 and TX-L47E5 models. Alongside these 47in TVs sit the TX-L55WT50, TX-L55DT50 and TX-L55ET5.

Top of the range WT50s get a 1600Hz refresh rate to help reduce any intrusive 'crosstalk' with 3D along with an advanced IPS panel. Illustrating the growing importance of 'connected' TVs, the WT50 also comes with dual core processing capability for enhanced web browsing and they also get a touch pad remote.

The step down DT50 loses the dual core processor and gets 'Brilliant' rather than 'Infinite' contrast. Further down the range, Panasonic's ET50 gets 800Hz rather than 1600Hz backlight scanning along with 'Clear Panel' rather than 'Clear Panel Pro' anti reflective filter.

A Panasonic spokesperson indicated that the thinking behind the move towards larger screen LCD / LED TVs was to make full use of the companies production facilities; and that it did not represent any kind of strategy to phase out Plasma TV production.

Early indications suggest that these new larger LCD TV models demonstrate a vastly improved (by Panasonic standards) black level ability and colour response.

No word yet on when these new models will make it over to the UK or what kind of pricing structure will be implemented.